Best Hypoallergenic Candles for Asthmatics and Allergy sufferers

People who have asthma and allergies have to worry about different things that can trigger an attack, including carpeting, clothing, perfumes and many others.

It’s somewhat ironic, however, that so many have adverse reactions to candles, an object that is so deeply associated with relaxation and peace.

Luckily, asthmatics and allergy sufferers have options. There are hypoallergenic candles that do not emit harmful substances when they burn. This guide will go over the key features and main characteristics of five prominent such products.

Quick Comparison: 5 Best Hypoallergenic Candles for Asthmatics and Allergy sufferers

BrandPriceMaterialsScents / FragrancesKey FeaturesBurn Time
100% Beeswax Pillar Candles
Our Best Pick
Check Price100% Pure Beeswax with natural cotton wickNatural honey scentNeutralizes allergens, dust and airborne toxins5-6 hours
Bluecorn Naturals Bluecorn Beeswax Tea LightsCheck Price100% Pure BeeswaxNo scentEmits negative ions that cleanse the air5 hours
AIRA Soy CandlesCheck PriceOrganic soy vegetable oil, therapeutic-grade essential oil blendsEucalyptus, spearmint, soft lavender, orange and lemon essential oilsNo led. Produces no soot or smoke.110 hours (16 ounces)
La Jolie Muse Plumeria Scented CandlesCheck Price100% pure soy wax from NON-GMO grain, natural cotton wickPlumaria essential oils, citronella essential oilsRepels bugs50 to 65 hours
One Fur All Pet House Soy Wax Candle in 15 FragrancesCheck Price100% soy wax, cotton wickLavender and green tea essential oilsMade in the USA, reusable jar.60 to 70 hours

Things to Consider Before Buying Hypoallergenic Candles

Types of Wax

Paraffin wax: Derivated from petroleum, coal or oil shale, paraffin wax is one of the most well-known types of wax. Typically, it’s either white or colorless, odorless, scentless, tasteless and solid.

Soy wax: Resulting from the process of soybean oil full hydrogenation, soy wax is softer and has a lower melting point than paraffin wax. Normally, it has an off-white, opaque color and a subtle characteristic, natural scent.

Bees wax: Beeswax is a naturally-produced substance. It’s made by honey bees of the genus Apis. Apart from being used for candles and other flammable products, beeswax can be used as an ingredient in human food.

Avoid Paraffin Wax Candles (Petroleum)

Once upon a time, paraffin wax candles were thought to be completely harmless. However, thanks to diligent and important studies, we now know that burning paraffin can seriously decrease the quality of indoor air. For one, with every burn, they emit harmful amounts of substances that have been confirmed to be carcinogens.

Even though these substances may not cause problems when inhaled very occasionally, they can cause serious problems when inhaled regularly. As a matter of fact, they can cause serious health problems such as cancer, common allergies and even asthma.

In addition, they release toxic clusters of microscopic black soot that is then absorbed by people through breathing, often causing respiratory problems. This is even more dangerous for people who experience respiratory allergies or sensitivity to certain chemicals.

Avoid Soy Wax Blends

In order to avoid inhaling the aforementioned harmful substances, many people choose to buy soy wax candles. This makes perfect sense as soy wax candles burn much cleaner than paraffin wax candles. Apart from being completely natural, they release less smoke and soot.

However, people often make the mistake of buying candles that are made of soy wax blends instead of 100% soy. This is problematic because these blends tend to contain a certain amount of paraffin. Despite not being as harmful as a candle that is 100% paraffin, a soy wax blend candle may still produce harmful emissions.

Why Candles Made of 100% Soy or 100% Beeswax are Best

As previously mentioned, soy wax and beeswax are natural substances that contain no harmful chemicals or byproducts. Contrary to what happens with paraffin wax candles, natural candles do not release toxins and carcinogens into the air when burnt.

In addition to being healthier, 100% soy and 100% beeswax candles are better for the environment. Being renewable and biodegradable products, natural candles do not cause air or water pollution of any kind.

Mind the Material Used to Make the Wick of the Candle

Apart from minding the type of wax that is used to make a particular candle, it is always a good idea to investigate a bit further in order to find out what other substances and materials have gone into its making.

One thing that is definitely worth looking into before buying a candle is the material that its wick is made of. Some candles have wicks that are made of chemically grown cotton. Even worse, some candles have wire cores that contain lead, a metal that can also emit harmful substances.

Take the Type of Scent into Account

Another important aspect to take into account when buying a candle for asthmatics and allergy sufferers is its scent.

The great majority of candles on the market are scented with either plant-based extracts or chemical fragrances. Needless to say, natural essential oils and extracts are much healthier than their chemical counterparts.

At the time of choosing a particular candle, be sure to avoid those that employ scents derived from petroleum and animal sources. Take into account that many manufacturers that advertise their products as being made using essential oils actually use a mix of natural and chemical fragrances.

1. Bluecorn Beeswax 100% Pure Beeswax Tea Lights

Made entirely with pure beeswax and completely scent-free, these candles are as harmless and subtle as they come. Their lack of scent is particularly beneficial to people who suffer from asthma.

Additionally, they use a natural cotton wick that does not emit harmful toxins. Despite being made with natural ingredients, they produce a bright and clean flame that is both beautiful and relaxing.

  • Does not contain paraffin or any other chemicals.
  •  Completely unscented.
  •  Natural cotton wick.
  •  Entirely handmade.
  •  Produces negative ions that help purify the air.
  •  It only burns for 5 hours.
  • Its wick is too short, often burning out before the candle is finished.


If there’s a candle brand that’s dedicated to keeping things 100% natural, it’s Bluecorn Naturals. This particular product is one of their most popular due to its high-quality handmaking and refinement.

Completely scentless, it’s perfect for those who have asthma and other respiratory problems. Being rather small, each individual candle only burns for five hours. However, the case contains 24 individual candles and it’s very reasonably priced.

2. 100% Beeswax Pillar Candles Hand Rolled Natural and Lovely Honey Scent 100% Handmade

Featuring a body that’s 100% beeswax and a fully-natural cotton wick, these candles are great for allergy sufferers.

At 4 inches in height and 2 inches in diameter, they have a good size that, in combination with their high melting point, allows them to last very long. Additionally, their honeycomb-textured design and high quality result in very little dripping.

  •  Made with pure beeswax.
  • 100% natural cotton wick.
  • Hand-rolled at the moment of ordering.
  • Beautiful honeycomb-like textured design.
  • Natural honey smell achieved without added scents.
  • The wick tends to burn completely before the candle has finished burning.
  • Somewhat pricey.


These large and luxurious candles immediately stand out due to their textural beauty and soothing color.

Fully natural, scentless (apart from a natural, subtle honey-like smell) and completely devoid of harmful additives, they are great for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. As if that wasn’t enough, they are freshly handmade after every order.

3. AIRA Soy Candles Hand-poured 100% Soy Candle Wax

In order to suit the needs of the most demanding customers, these candles are organic, vegan, natural and kosher.

Completely made with soy wax (apart from their 100% natural cotton wick), they do not emit any harmful substances that could trigger allergies or asthma attacks. Stored in a mason-type jar, these candles have a rustic look that’s both unique and enticing.

  • Made with 100% soy.
  • Vegan, kosher and organic.
  • Scented with therapeutic-grade essential oils.
  • Very affordable.
  • Incredibly long burning time (over 110 hours).
  • Can be somewhat strong-smelling for some people.
  • Its wick tends to be overly long, often needing trimming.


Made exclusively with soy and essential oils, this product is clean and hypoallergenic. In addition, it’s affordable and incredibly long-lasting, resulting in great value. The scents it uses are therapeutic-grade, a factor many will love. However, these scents can be too overpowering for some.

4. La Jolie Muse Plumeria Scented Candles

Luscious and exuberant without using chemicals, La Jolie Muse Plumeria Scented Candles are the luxury version of a hypoallergenic candle.

Made with pure soy wax and natural cotton wicks, they burn clean and purely from beginning to end. As a bonus, they have a recyclable package that can be used to safely store anything.

  • Luxurious texture and scent.
  • Fantastic gift packaging and presentation.
  •  Recyclable container with many potential uses.
  • Synthetic, chemical fragrances.
  • Wick can be off-centered, resulting in inadequate burning.


Without a doubt, this product has a very nice packaging and a luxurious feel. However, due to the synthetic fragrances it features, it’s not great for asthmatic or highly allergic people.

5. Pet House Candle in 15 Fragrances

Undoubtedly, what makes this product special is its ability to fight off and reduce bad odors.

People who have pets will likely enjoy it due to this ability. At the same time, it has become popular due to its 100% soy wax body that is coated with beeswax. Due to its high-quality all-natural ingredients, it’s perfectly safe for allergic sufferers and pets.

  • Reduces bad odors.
  • Pet-friendly.
  • 100% soy wax coated in beeswax.
  • Fragrances created with essential oils.
  • Huge variety of scents.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Despite being all-natural, some of its scents may be too strong for asthmatics.


These candles are well-made and very enjoyable. However, due to their strong scents, they may be too potent for asthmatics. Despite this downside, though, their odor-neutralizing properties make them very worthy of consideration.


Without a doubt, the five hypoallergenic candles featured in this article are beneficial to asthmatics and allergy sufferers. However, some of them burn cleaner than others.

After careful consideration, it’s clear that the 100% Beeswax Pillar Candles are the most inoffensive of the bunch. Apart from that, they are handmade with exceptional care and an amazing amount of technique.

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