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What are Bed Mites?

When you go to sleep at night, you’re probably not thinking about the microscopic creatures who love to eat your dead skin and who thrive in damp environments.

They are in your pillow, mattress, on your sheets and blankets. They are bed mites, also known as the house dust mite. They are everywhere, and they can cause a problem in any building anywhere, whether it is clean or dirty

Where else do these little creatures live? You will also find them in your rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture – just about anywhere where people sit or lie down. Because your bed is damp, they love to hang out there.

Their primary food is skin scales (dander) contained in house dust. People and pets regularly shed small flakes of skin from their bodies as the skin continually renews itself.

One good thing about dust mites is that they don’t actually bite you, so you’re not going to experience rashes, itching, and pain from dust mites like you would other types of mites, like chiggers, which cause havoc in the southern parts of the United States when you walk through tall grasses.

Adult bed, or dust, mites have a life span of between one and three months. You don’t have to let them live that long, though.

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