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Best Hypoallergenic Candles for Asthmatics and Allergy sufferers

People who have asthma and allergies have to worry about different things that can trigger an attack, including carpeting, clothing, perfumes and many others.

It’s somewhat ironic, however, that so many have adverse reactions to candles, an object that is so deeply associated with relaxation and peace.

Luckily, asthmatics and allergy sufferers have options. There are hypoallergenic candles that do not emit harmful substances when they burn. This guide will go over the key features and main characteristics of five prominent such products.

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Can You Have an Allergic Reaction to Deodorant?

Your deodorant could be causing you to have an allergic reaction, and you may not even know it.

The UK nonprofit organization AllergyUK did a survey entitled Stolen Lives, and more than 50 percent of respondents said they had symptoms that related to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), which is a reaction to artificial substances like those found in perfumes and deodorants.

Most people in the survey said they didn’t even understand that they had the condition.

While MCS isn’t an allergy, it is a testament to the fact that the human body is very sensitive to chemicals. MCS causes headaches, skin rashes, memory loss, wheezing, and other breathing problems.

An allergy happens when the immune system fights a usually harmless substance. MCS can cause the immune system to weaken, causing further allergies, when toxins enter the blood stream.

When you have an allergic reaction, histamine is produced in the body as the immune system looks for something to fight off, even if it can’t find an infection to defeat.

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Are Sterling Silver Earrings Hypoallergenic?

When you’re allergic to a type of metal in earrings, it can cause an allergic reaction, which means, if you’re like many people this happens to, you can’t wear many pairs of earrings.

You might feel upset when you can’t wear earrings with your favorite outfit, but there might be hope yet in the form of sterling silver earrings.

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