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When Will the Cat Allergy Vaccine be Available?

The medical field is constantly evolving as new scientific discoveries and inventions come to light. One steadily evolving field is vaccines.

Scientists have been testing the ways vaccines may help, or even cure, allergy sufferers. For many people, allergies are a daily reality. They range from a mild nuisance to a life-threatening condition.

One vaccine that was making headlines was called Cat-Spire. If the tests succeeded, it would revolutionize the field of cat allergy vaccines, and possibly allergy vaccines in general.

Unfortunately, Cat-Spire failed its trial in the third phase. But that doesn’t mean there’s no possible future for cat allergy vaccines.

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Can You Suddenly Become Allergic to Cats?

You might be familiar with different types of allergy. Seasonal allergies are a common nuisance for millions of Americans every year. Pet allergies are almost as common.

Many people believe that allergies are a result of genetics, and therefore cannot develop in adulthood. But according to science, that isn’t the case.

Many people have found themselves sneezing around their cats and wondering: Can you develop a cat allergy after living with cats for a long time?

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